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ATRACTION LLC and the regulation of your use of the Website ATRACTION Online Platform LLC and related services, including any kind of communications, provide additional services. The personal information that the company receives from you or third parties is processed in accordance with the policy for the processing and protection of personal data set forth in these rules.

All users who wish to use the ATRACTION LLC platform are required to agree to and abide by the terms and conditions below. The administration reserves the right at any time unilaterally by posting on the same site to make changes to these conditions without additional user consent. After making the above changes, you will be provided with updated terms and conditions as soon as you use the Website.

For further use of the Site and / or the services of the Company, you must read the updated Terms and Conditions and agree to them. By agreeing to the ATRACTION LLC. Terms of Use, you also agree to the ATRACTION LLC privacy policy. The company warns customers that it is required to comply with tax laws.

The terms and definitions used in this document have the following meanings, unless otherwise specified in the context of the document: 1 Terms of use - these are the conditions that govern the user's access to the platform and its use, including any content, function or product

2 Website - means, through which the customer orders and receives company services; 3 Company - means ATRACTION LLC which is registered and exists in accordance with the legislation of Georgia, identification code: 405354753, registered address: Tbilisi, 49B Chavchavadze Street, 0179 or any person affiliated with it or any of its affiliates; 4 Users - means any person or unregistered person on our platform that uses the Site; For the purposes of this Agreement, the Customer is not a member of the European Union. 5 Parties - means the company and its customers;

6 Platform - a platform operated by ATRACTION LLC., Which without any restrictions includes the website 7 Contact information - customer phone number and / or mobile phone number and / or email address. 8 Transaction - any transaction, perfect user communication and / or services offered by the company. 9 Universal identifiers - a data set, ATRACTION LLC (including name, surname, phone number, email address and personal number / identification code) with which they are registered in the system /

10 Access code (s) - codes, passwords, username, identification code, universal identifiers and / or other confidential information that the company can provide the client with access to various products; 11 Contract - a contract between a client and a company, which includes these terms and conditions, if any. Where context permits, words denoting singulars mean the plural and vice versa.

By agreeing to these Terms, the User confirms that: 3.1 The customer is an independent person and does not represent the employee, partner and / or agent of the company. 3.2. The Company is exempted from any liability that may lead to a violation by the Client of the terms of the Agreement, non-compliance with applicable laws and regulations, etc. 3.3 - a legal entity established by the legislation of Georgia, or an individual who has reached the age of 18.

3.4. Has full (unlimited) legal force, is not under the influence of narcotic, alcoholic, psychotropic or toxic drugs, is not subject to errors, fraud, pressure, threats or any illegal influences and is not a victim of violence. The object is fully aware of the content of the expression of his will, the essence of the conditions and legal consequences arising in connection with the online store ATRACTION LLC. or any third party; 3.5 The client has the full right (or will receive the appropriate authority) to sign and fulfill obligations in accordance with these terms or any other agreements and applications;

3.6. Check out the terms that are acceptable to him; 3.7 All data provided to them is accurate; 3.8 Clients do not participate in any illegal activity (including money laundering, arms trafficking, terrorism or other illegal actions) or participate in it in accordance with any of the jurisdictional laws (including the legislation of Georgia and the legislation of the country of which the consumer is a citizen) ; 3.9. When opening a personal account and / or using services and during the entire term of the contract, its actions and / or actions comply with / will comply with local and / or international law.

3.10 His action will not / will be directed at deceiving ATRACTION LLC. and / or any third party / party. In accordance with this principle, the document (or, if any) submitted by him to ATRACTION LLC. for the purpose of concluding a contract, either on the basis of and during its execution, and / or the information at the time of its submission also / will be error-free, accurate and complete; 3.11 He will fulfill his obligations in good faith, in full and in due manner; 3.12 Agrees, after opening a personal account, before terminating the contract ATRACTION LLC to search / verify and process any personal information and / or universal identifiers specified by the user or associated with him.

3.13 The user must immediately notify the Company in writing of all circumstances that may not correspond to his statements and / or lead to a violation of these guarantees; 3.14 The Company enters into an agreement on the basis of representations, warranties and obligations set forth in these Terms and considers them the terms of the agreement. Consequently, a violation of the statements, warranties and obligations under this article after the conclusion of the contract is sufficient reason for the company to unilaterally refuse to supply all and any products and / or services provided for in the contract and conditions.

3.15 The User acknowledges and confirms that: 3.18.1 Website design, software suite, core software code, software and other materials are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights and therefore are protected; 3.18.2 do not use any software endowed with the use of artificial intelligence services;

9.1 The company offers customers the service of buying a corporate ticket, provided that such a purchase is allowed by the organizer of the event. 9.2 In the case of corporate sales, if the organizer is not a VAT payer, when the client buys tickets through an invoice, the cost of tickets increases by 18%, which will be reflected in the corresponding invoice. 9.3 The company cannot invoice and / or invoice after purchasing tickets with a business card. In this case, the company will issue an official letter with the signature and seal indicating the amount paid for the tickets and the date of purchase of the tickets.

9.4 If you want to make a corporate purchase, the client is obliged to contact the company at the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and provide the following data: the number and category of tickets, as well as information about the company or physical data Personal data to which the company subscribes to the invoice and / or invoice. 10.1 The Agreement shall remain in force until deregistration of the user. 11.1 These conditions are regulated and determined in accordance with the legislation of Georgia;

11.2. The parties consider the place of fulfillment of the conditions st. Tbilisi; 11.3 Any dispute or disagreement regarding these terms or their interpretation shall be resolved through negotiations between the Parties;

Privacy policy 12.1 The Company ensures the protection and processing of the User’s Personal Data in accordance with the Policy for the processing and protection of the Company’s Personal Data, which is an integral part of these Terms and on which the User agrees to use the services of the Company.12.2 The company cares as much as possible about the security and confidentiality of your personal confidential information, but, given the fact that the process of providing your data is not remotely encrypted, the company disclaims the responsibility of a third party for unauthorized access to your data.

13.1 These conditions are subject to change. Changes will be made by the company without prior notice to the client, however, in the event of a change in the conditions, the client must again agree to continue receiving the product without interruption. With each change of conditions, the client will have the opportunity to consent to the use of any channel of the company. 14.1 These Terms and Conditions, along with other agreements between users and the Company, constitute a single and complete agreement with the Website and / or Services and replace all communications, representations, written and oral, as well as written or oral with the Website and / or Services. Representations and warranties.

15.1 In these conditions, these headings are used for convenience only and do not affect the interpretation and interpretation of the Terms;15.2. Upon request, the client is obliged to provide any additional information to ATRACTION LLC, as well as provide relevant documents required by the company or defined by the legislation of Georgia;15.3. If any clause or part of these Terms has been canceled for any reason, invalidated or terminated, this clause or part thereof will no longer be used, which will not affect the authenticity of other conditions of the Terms;

15.4 The company has the right to unilaterally amend the text of these Terms; 15.5. The user does not have the right to transfer rights and claims or transfer duties to another person on these conditions without the written consent of the client company; 15.6. In cases not stipulated by the conditions, the parties are guided by the norms of the relevant relations established by law and / or additionally agreed terms;

Return policy

1. Purchased tickets are not exchangeable or refundable. 2. When purchasing a preferential ticket or a ticket with additional conditions, it is necessary to present a supporting document. 3. If the document is missing, the ticket loses its validity, it cannot be returned or exchanged, you need to purchase a new ticket. 4. Children under 14 years old are allowed only when accompanied by their parents. 5. The validity period of the purchased ticket is one month from the date of purchase.